It isn’t always easy for people in management to let go of the control of a project and allow someone else to do it. However, it is critical to free up their time to focus on bigger-picture tasks such as growing revenue for the entire company. When management can’t or won’t delegate, the company will stagnate because no one person can continue to handle every task. Below are some common tasks that management should consider delegating in order to make the most efficient use of their time.


There’s no doubt that a business couldn’t function without accounting services. After all, a company needs to file its taxes, pay employees, and prepare budgets. However, someone with good leadership skills in other areas may not have the financial know-how necessary to run a successful accounting department. Hiring someone with these credentials ensures that the financial aspect of the company runs smoothly while management is engaged in other activities.

Customer Services

Customers deserve someone who is fully dedicated to resolving their issues and not trying to fulfill several other roles at the same time. This position requires someone with exceptional listening and problem-solving skills as well as a strong sense of empathy. Not just anyone is right for the job, so companies must staff customer service departments with only those who have proven themselves qualified for this demanding role.

Making Travel Arrangements

If members of the management staff must travel often, it will take up too much of their time to search for the best flight, hotel, and rental car deals. A professional travel agent, on the other hand, knows just where to look to find the most attractive deals at the lowest rates. Using an outside travel counselor would technically be outsourcing rather than delegating since someone outside of the organization is fulfilling the role.

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