Running your company successfully isn’t just about having a stellar team of fantastic people to work with. Even the best teams need a sound, knowledgeable leader to guide them, so your management skills are also important.

Keep the following pointers from the Harvard Business Review in mind to take your team leading skill to the next level.


Quality Over Quantity


These days, people place a high value on multitasking when it comes to getting a multitude of things done in record time. However, that may not be the best strategy in the long run, as it often means cutting corners when it comes to the quality of your work. Instead, assign a value to each task on your to-do list. Focus on the critical ones that matter most first. Tackle the rest when you have some time to spare.


Streamline Your Workday


Self-discipline isn’t always easy, but it’s definitely not impossible. You can make your workday more efficient overall by not only making a to-do list, but by keeping a few solid rules of thumb in mind.


  • How you start your day matters, so launch yours on a high note. Promise yourself you’ll get a minimum of three things done before lunch and decide what they’ll be the day before.
  • Break large or complex projects down into pieces and tackle them in order from hardest/most complex to shortest/least complex.
  • Group projects that are similar together on your to-do list to facilitate efficiency.


Mind Over Matter


Management aces are leaders that have gained mastery over their own thought processes. Ensure that your mind is always working for you rather than against you by faking it until you make it. Earn the respect you want from others by behaving as if you already have it. Keep worries at bay by refusing to dwell on potential issues. When it’s possible to do so, fix it, but when it’s not, don’t sweat it.


Strike a Balance


It’s a common misconception that management professionals have to make a choice between being people-oriented and being organized. Not only is it possible to be both, but it’s also advisable. Great leaders need facts, organization, and data on their side. However, they also need empathy, communication skills, and the ability to truly connect with others on a personal level.


Being a terrific leader that makes things happen and inspires others is all about striking a balance and then maintaining it once it’s achieved. How will you apply yourself to being the leader your team deserves going forward?