Introducing Our Referral and Broker Program

One of the most important indicators of success you will find in the financial industry is relationship maintenance. The great firms and investors are able to keep connections alive, and to foster new ones. That’s how they find investment partners, and it’s also how they find customers who trust them to manage their next deals. Norris Commercial Capital understands this, which is why all of our policies are built around strengthening our relationships to both our team and our outside referral sources.

We invite you to submit or preview a project with peace of mind, knowing we will always refer your customers back to you if they attempt to approach us alone. It doesn’t matter whether we finance your submission or not, your customers are your customers. We also pay top rates for referrals, making it easy to choose to bring your projects to us.

Our Group Broker Program is Hiring

The other side of our successful referral and broker program is our internal team, and we are hiring for regional sales positions across the country. If you are interested in working with people who make it their business to find funding for your clients’ projects, you need to work with us. We are currently seeking candidates with the following traits:

  • Well-organized approach to work
  • Attention to detail
  • Friendly and outgoing
  • Determined to get the job done
  • Communicative and open

If this sounds like you, then it’s time to think about making a change. Our team offers flexibility, and team members never have to worry about whether or not their deals are too large to be easily funded. That’s why we are quickly becoming a national leader in the industry—we are leading by example.

For more information about applications, referrals, or previews, contact us today. Our associates are always happy to help you find out how to join the team.