Your office environment affects your clients, vendors and especially the productivity of your employees. Taking some time to evaluate the factors in your office that affect productivity can make you the hero by improving attitudes and efficiency. Here are a few elements in your office that might be dragging your employees down.


A lack of lighting in your office not only makes it difficult to see well, it affects people’s moods. Making sure your staff has access to bright or natural lights will reduce fatigue and improve attitudes.

Noise pollution

While silence doesn’t necessarily help productivity, too much ambient noise can definitely decrease it. Whether it’s outside traffic, loudspeakers or customers, noise will affect your staff’s efficiency. Offer noise-cancelling headphones or play music to help reduce the background noise pollution. You could also provide private offices for employees who need more concentration.

Air quality

Clean air is essential to good performance. Check your air filters regularly. Make sure your office circulates air well. Put in some plants, which will help with air quality and productivity. Green makes people more creative.


It can be difficult to maintain a satisfactory temperature for dozens of employees. If you are getting complaints that people are too cold or too warm, it will affect their productivity. Rather than changing the thermostat, find individual solutions. Give the receptionist a space heater to help maintain the right temperature when the doors open and close all day long. Supply fans to workers who like it cooler.

Office furniture

Employees who are sitting in uncomfortable chairs or at too-low desks will not be working at maximum efficiency. Make sure your staff has the equipment they need to do their job. Offer ergonomic computer equipment to reduce injuries, too.

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