Although streamlining a business isn’t always easy, it can be one of the best ways to increase efficiency and reduce costs. One of the quickest and easiest ways to start is by looking at how your company processes paperwork.

How to Reduce Time Spent Dealing with Paperwork

What does the paper flow look like on the desks of your employees? You can assume that your company’s paperwork processing could use an overhaul if you see an overflow of papers on desk after desk. Here are two questions to ask your employees about paperwork before attempting to streamline the process:

  • What information did the employee add to or delete from the paperwork and was this step necessary? 
  • How important was this paperwork to the employee to help him or she perform required job functions?  

You may find that employees respond that they deal with paperwork the way they do because that’s the way it’s always been done at your company. That’s a sure sign that the whole process could benefit from streamlining and greater efficiency. One possible change you can make right away is to switch from a paper-based filing system to electronic records storage.

Outsource Whenever Possible

Tasks such as accounting, data entry, and payroll are just three common examples of necessary duties that can take up a lot of time. While it’s essential to perform these tasks, you’re not billing for services when working on them. That means that outsourcing tasks that don’t produce revenue could help to jumpstart your company’s efforts at streamlining and saving money.

Consolidate Your Software Programs

It’s common for businesses to have many types of redundant software. This could be a problem for your company if you ever see an employee transferring data from one software program to another or separate programs for accounting and order entry. Review all programs for duplicates and then consolidate where necessary.

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